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American Florim is a site dedicated to bringing you, the consumer, something great when it comes to Ceramic, Porcelain flooring, and wall tiles. Browse our products section for our many unique and one of a kind tiles that will make your house look amazing!

A Soft Interior Design Makes Steel Buildings Homey

In most American cities -- the only place to go is up. There are very few -- if any -- open plots of land that individuals can develop. Instead, they must add on stories or develop new steel buildings that tower over the rest of the city.

As impressive as these steel buildings are, they can also appear cold and impersonal. At American Florim, we know that this is a problem, especially when the business that wants to move in needs a warm, cozy environment. Luckily, American Florim has an answer -- ceramic and porcelain wall and floor tiles that can make the interior of the building so comfortable and homey that customers and other visitors forget the outside.

Company owners in steel buildings should browse the large selection of floor tiles that American Florim has to offer. From beautiful, soft creams to striking, bold colors like red, blue, and yellow, we at American Florim want to help our customers transform their industrialized looking space into something personal and exciting.

In a city, most businesses must choose locations in skyscrapers or other harsh-looking steel buildings. But with the right interior from American Florim, business owners can still capture their customers hearts by offering a comfortable and unique place to shop, relax, eat or discuss financial services. With an interior from American Florim, all the impersonal attitude of steel buildings fades away into the soft, unique look of colorful or relaxing ceramic tile.

Making Sure Your Flooring is Installed Properly

There’s much to say about flooring, but one thing is for certain and that’s how it is installed. Here at American Florim, we try to go above and beyond to make sure your floors and even your wall tiles are properly placed.

We are very precise in the way each ceramic and porcelain tile is cut; perfection is the name of our game. Without proper cuts, you would be walking on uneven ground, most likely tripping over an already smooth surface. An uneven ground may also mean the floor will break or crack easily if something heavy were to fall upon them. Plus, aesthetically, it’s unappealing to the eye.

We’re into the tiniest of details and make sure the flooring and tiles are installed using the very best adhesives, like PS870B2 or PR1425B2. Without the proper application, tiles may become loose and make for an unattractive spot on your wall, or accidentally make you misstep and fall. The adhesives we use are the strongest ones out there, to ensure you a peaceful mind when it comes to your flooring and wall tiles.

Many people use tiles for the bathroom or even the kitchen, places where spills usually occur. This is because it’s so easy to clean. However, people do not realize the little gaps between each tile where moisture and liquid can seep through, rotting the wood floorboards underneath, causing a whole other mess of problems. At American Florim, we make sure each tile is sealed properly and the adhesives we use such as PR182 PINK, are created for just that as well. Thus, you won’t have to worry about having to replace the tiles and flooring we installed just for you!